George Clooney tapped for lead in Jobs biography film?

I think with the recent death of tech legend Steve Jobs and the fact that his biography is on the best sellers list we all knew a film was coming. The word is that the flick planned to start production next year is looking for its lead to play Jobs. According to The Register, the person who is leading the running to get that lead role is George Clooney.

I can see Clooney as an older Jobs, but I think Clooney would have a hard time pulling off a younger Jobs. Another actor that is said to be vying for the role is Noah Wyle. Wyle would seemingly be the better choice since he is still young enough to play a young Jobs and could pull off the older Jobs too. Wyle also has the feather in his cap of having played Jobs already.

Wyle was Jobs in the flick Pirates of Silicon Valley. Jobs even invited Wyle to Macworld in 1999 to play him in an opening keynote. Who do you think would be the best actor to play Jobs in this movie? That nerdy looking kid that played in The Social Network would be decent I think.

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