GeoHot absconds to South American and sabotages HDDs handed over to courts

Apparently, George Hotz didn't like the odds of beating Sony in the suit that Sony is bringing against him for breaking the PS3 utterly and completely. Sony as not happy at all about the hack Hotz offered up to the public that left the PS3 totally open to the owner's whims. I mentioned back in February that a judge presiding over the case had ordered Hotz to turn his HDDs over for inspection.

Apparently when Hotz turned the HDDs over to the third party that was to inspect them for the courts the HDDs were found to have been tampered with. Sony claims, "...SCEA learned that Hotz had deliberately removed integral components of his impounded hard drives prior to delivering them to a third party neutral..."

According to the court documents that Sony filed not only did Hotz remove parts of the HDDs turned over to Sony, he has fled the country. Sony says that counsel for Hotz has stated that Hotz is now in South America. To add the final insult Sony has also notified courts that it has determined that Hotz lied about having a PSN account. Sony has tracked an account with the name "blickmanic" that is tied to a PS3 console purchased at a GameStop miles from Hotz's home with an IP address from the city he lives and a web search for that name returned posts talking about jailbreaking phones. Things are looking bad for Geohot.

[via VGHQ]