Genius unveils Kids Designers II graphics tablet

If you have a child in your family that's a budding artist, always at work on little art projects, Genius has a new product perfect for your little one. The product is a little graphics tablet called Kids Designers II, and the usable area of the tablet measures 5" x 8". The tablet has large buttons that are easy to press with little fingers, and the device is an educational tool that lets kids paint, create, learn, and play little games.

The tablet has 15 learning games included along with creative activities and programs for three different difficulty levels covering a range of subjects. The subjects include colors, shapes, logic, geography, math, memory, responsiveness, and drawing. This device isn't a traditional tablet with its own LCD screen, rather it connects to a computer via USB and allows the kids to draw on the handheld tablet with artwork and images showing on the computer screen.

The device connects to a PC via a USB port and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP. The device can be used as a mouse for other programs and is aimed at children 3 to 8 years old. The device is available in the US and Canada right now for US$64.99.