Genius Ring Presenter with laser pointer breaks cover

Genius has unveiled a new product called the Ring Presenter. The device slips onto the finger like a ring and has a control pad on the top that allows the user to control the cursor on the computer as they would with a normal mouse. The ring that wraps around the finger is made from rubber for grip and to fit more people.

The touchpad on the top offers full cursor control with what appears to be a d-pad style layout. It also has left, right, and center mouse buttons. The device has an on-screen display and is intended to be used with one hand while standing up. it also has an integrated laser pointer.

The connectivity between the computer and the mouse is via 2.4GHz wireless and the mouse comes in several colors. You can get green, orange, blue, pink, and mauve along with normal black or silver. Wireless range is 10 meters, and the device is available now at an undisclosed price.