Genius EasyPen M610XA tablet shipping for $169.99

If you're looking for a pen-based graphics tablet that isn't made by Wacom, why not take a look at Genius? The company has revealed its latest entry into the tablet market, the EasyPen M610XA. The tablet comes with a 6-inch by 10-inch working area that easily connects via USB to your computer., and features a 4000 LPI resolution along with a report rate per second of 200.

The included stylus, meanwhile, is pressure sensitive for up to 1024 levels, and it doubles as a mouse: pressing down on the stylus activates a left click, with dedicated buttons for right-click and scrolling near the tip. The tablet itself can be switched between 4:3 and widescreen modes, and comes with four quick buttons for specific functions, including Undo, Eraser, Zoom In, and Zoom Out.

On top of that, Genius is throwing in a nice software bundle to get you started. Packages include Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, Corel Painter Essentials 4, PenDrawer, PenSign, and Pen Toolbar. Those should be compatible with both PC and Mac, although PenDrawer is restricted to Windows only. The EasyPen MX610XA is available today in the United States and Canada, and costs $169.99.