Genius DX-ECO Bluetooth mouse uses a capacitor that recharges in minutes

The thing I don't like about cordless mice that you have to charge is that they take so long to get a full charge typically. I always forget to plug them in and end up with no mouse for a long time while it charges back up. I generally like wireless mice that use normal batteries better, but if you run out of batteries, you are in trouble. Genius has a new mouse that is perfect for those that like to be green and not use throwaway batteries, yet want something that charges faster too.

The mouse is called the Genius DX-ECO, and it has no battery inside. The mouse uses a capacitor rather than a throw away battery or a rechargeable inside. The capacitor can charge and be ready to go in only three minutes. Other than the fast charging capacitor, the mouse also rocks 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. It has seven buttons and a 1600 dpi BlueEye engine.

The mouse promises to work on many surfaces including your couch, marble, and even glass that is dusty. The gold capacitor can be recharged up to 100,000 times. If 1600 dpi is too much sensitivity for you, the mouse can also operate at 800 dpi. Lefties won't like that the mouse is a right hand only design. Pricing is set at $39.99, and the mouse is available now.