Genius BV 180 Pico Projector has 35 lm of brightness

Genius has announced the launch a new product line called BellaVision. The first product ability the new line is a new pico projector called the BV 180. The little pico projector has a native resolution of 800x600 in a pocket-sized package.

The projector is rated for 35 lm of brightness. That means you need a significantly darkened room to be able to see the image. The projector connects to smartphones using MHL or micro-HDMI interfaces. It's capable of throwing a 60-inch image from 2 m away from a wall or other projection surface.

Power for the pico projector comes from a 1850 mAh lithium polymer battery and the battery can be used as a backup power source for your smartphone. The projector is plug-and-play compatible and supports mirror projection allowing users to see what they're projecting immediately. The native aspect ratio for the projector is 4:3.

The BV 180 has a sequential contrast ratio of 300:1 and manual focus. The projection technology is DLP. The little projector is available now in the US for $269.

SOURCE: Genius