GeniCan smart garbage can builds your next shopping list

A new smart home appliance has just cropped up, and it aims to make throwing out your kitchen waste a convenience. It's called GeniCan, and it is a smart device that attaches to the top of your existing kitchen trash can. When an item is thrown away, the GeniCan scans the product and adds it to a growing shopping list for the next time you go shopping. It eliminates the need to write things down on a shopping list, and is joined by a few convenient features like finding coupons for the product (if available), and more.

GeniCan's maker bids its device as the first smart unit of its type, scanning the barcode on a product when it is thrown away and then adding it to a shopping list via the related GeniCan mobile app. This ensures you won't forget that you're out of something in particular, and also eliminates the hassle involved with making your own list.

There are voice prompts if there's nothing on the product to scan. The app also tries to add some other features, like sorting the products based on what aisle they're in. If there's a coupon available for the product, it'll be delivered in the GeniCan app. The maker also talks of service partners and an option to have an existing list of products automatically shipped to one's home.

The maker behind GeniCan is looking to raise $50,000 USD in funding on Indiegogo, where it has just gotten started and is still sitting under $400. There are 37 days remaining, during that time one can order the GeniCan at a discounted $119 USD, a discount of $60 USD from the planned retail price. These units will ship out to backers starting in September if all goes as planned.

SOURCE: Indiegogo