Generic Mini USB pico projector is cheapest in the land

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There is a lot to like about pico projectors in theory, but in use, they leave a lot to be desired with the tech available today. The promise of a pico projector is that you can take them anywhere with minimal bulk and watch films or give presentations with a larger viewable image. The big issue with every pico projector I have used is that they aren't bright enough.

A cheap pico projector has landed on Amazon that is priced well enough that some may want to take a chance and pick one up. The projector is the Generic Mini USB 2.0 LED projector with Tripod. The little gadget is handheld and connects to the PC with only a USB cable. It uses LCoS tech and has a native resolution of 640 x 480 and a 4:3 aspect ratio.

The contrast ratio is a paltry 100:1 and the viewable image can be 20-inches to 50-inches from a bit under 1.5 feet away to 6.5 feet away. The projector offers no details on brightness, but you can be assured it is only workable in a dark room like most other pico projectors out there. The big news here is the thing sells for $149 on Amazon. Alas, if your interest is piqued by the little projector it is out of stock on Amazon right now.

Via Picoprojector-info