GeForce Now's new Priority plan offers Founders benefits but with an expensive downside

GeForce Now has been up and running for around a year at this point, and today NVIDIA is making some rather big change to the service. NVIDIA today announced the introduction of a new subscription tier called the Priority membership. This new subscription allows anyone to tap into the same benefits that GeForce Now Founders get, though they'll be paying a higher price than Founders do on a month-to-month basis.

In a new blog post today, NVIDIA revealed that this Priority membership will cost $9.99 per month and will give subscribers "priority access to gaming sessions, extended session length and RTX ON for beautifully ray-traced graphics and DLSS in supported games." Those are all of the perks that Founders members get, only their subscription costs $4.99 instead of the $9.99 it'll cost for the Priority tier.

Speaking of Founders members, NVIDIA also announced today that it's introducing a Founders for Life benefit, which will allow Founders to keep that $4.99 per month pricing for as long as the account is in good standing. This only applies to those who signed up on or before March 17th, 2021, and it requires that your account remain active on an ongoing basis – so you'll need to keep paying $4.99 per month to keep these benefits, as any lapse in your subscription will cause you to lose your benefits. More information about the Founders for Life tier can be found over in the GeForce Now FAQ.

NVIDIA also detailed what's coming up in GeForce Now's version 2.0.28 update, which should begin shipping out to users next week. The update will implement server-side adaptive Vsync tech that "synchronizes frame rates at 60 or 59.94 Hz server-side to match the display client-side." The goal here is to reduce stuttering as you play games through GeForce Now.

Add to that plans to bring account linking for key games in the coming months, along with planned rollouts of new data centers around the world – Phoenix, Arizona is next with a data center in Montreal following that – and it sounds like GeForce Now is in for some big updates as we move through the year. GeForce Now's new Priority membership is live beginning today, so if you use the service a lot, it could be worth signing up for.