GeForce NOW list of games for streaming is finally available

The viability of the game streaming business was again put on the hot seat last week when Google announced the closure of its in-house Stadia Games and Entertainment (SGE) studio. Amazon, who was undergoing a shift in leadership after Bezos announced his departure as CEO, took the opportunity to reiterate its commitment to the gaming market. Rather than make a big fuss, the other big player in that arena has chosen to work silently instead, quietly pushing out more supported titles and finally releasing a list of compatible games for GeForce NOW streaming.

Although it actually predated Google's Stadia, and Microsoft's Project xCloud, it was only recently that NVIDIA finally shed off the "Beta" label from its game streaming platform. But even a year after its public launch, there is one part of GeForce NOW that remained the same and painful to use. You couldn't get a clear overview of what games can be streamed from the service.

Sure, NVIDIA launched a feature that lets its subscribers sync their Steam library to GeForce NOW to see which games can be streamed and which can't. Steam, however, isn't the only distribution platform there and Epic Games and Ubisoft don't have a similar feature yet. While that's coming, NVIDIA thankfully published a list of games at long last.

It's a rather long list, mind, but it at least lets you see what's on the menu without having to jump through hoops. Of course, you still need to actually own these games first but at least you can more easily check if the ones you own are even compatible.

NVIDIA finally releasing this long-overdue list could have come at a better time, though. Just when the public and the industry is once again doubting Stadia's chances of survival, along comes GeForce NOW bragging about how many games it supports already, along with a promise of new games coming every week.