GefenTV Auto volume Stabilizer makes sure commercials don't blast your eardrums out

If you are like me you probably DVR everything to give yourself at least 15 minutes of record time so you can skip commercials altogether. If you aren't like me and just watch live TV then you know that the commercials are often much louder than the TV shows you are watching. GefenTV has a new solution to that problem.

The device is called the GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer. GefenTV claims that the device controls the volume so subtly that you won't even notice that it is doing it. The device uses Dolby Volume technology and can maintain a steady volume for any input source.

The device has to be placed close to where you want to connect to the TV or other source and it is then connected to the input source via analog or optical inputs into the back of the volume stabilizer and it is then connected to your input device. The audio passes through the volume stabilizer before heading out to your speakers. You can also allow the sound to bypass the volume stabilizer completely if wanted. You can pick the device up now for $179.