Gefen USB to DVI HD adapter makes hooking notebook to HDTV easy

If you have one of those snazzy little netbooks that has the oomph to run HD video really well and you want to watch Hulu on the big screen in the living room, but lack HDMI out, what are you to do? That lowly VGA port isn't going to help you out much, what you need it the new Gefen USB to DVI HD adapter.

This adapter plugs into the USB port on any notebook or desktop and can support full 1080p output. Once you get that DVI port going, you can use an adapter to turn the DVI into a HDMI cable that your TV can support.

The adapter needs no power supply and gets all its juice from the USB port. The adapter will support PC resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 and six of the adapters can be connected to a single PC. The adapter is available now for $149.