Geeks find a way to get Netflix app on HTC Evo 3D

Netflix is one of the best ways to get your streaming video and TV fill online today. There are hoards of people that use the streaming service on computers, phones, and other devices to watch wherever they are. Netflix was one of the most desired apps for Android users. When the app finally landed, there were more than a few disappointed Android fans that found their smartphone would not run the app.

Those that picked up the Evo 3D and are Netflix loyalists were probably surprised to find that the Netflix app wasn't available for the new HTC Evo 3D because the app was on other Evo smartphones already. If you are an Evo 3D owner saddened by the Netflix app missing from the Android Market, you can get Netflix working with a tweak. Apparently you just need to go to settings and tick the box allowing the device to install apps from unknown sources.

Once you do that, the app will be ready to install. According to GoodandEvo, the easiest way is to email yourself the install file for the app via Gmail. Once you get it, you can install from the email attachment or copy the file to a SD card and then install. Once you have the app on the Evo 3D most users report that it works perfectly. I wonder why the app is blocked in the first place if it works.

[via Android Community]