Geek makes toy motorcycles out of watch parts

Shane McGlaun - Apr 19, 2011
Geek makes toy motorcycles out of watch parts

I like seeing people take one device and use it to make other devices. I’m not talking about taking a hammer and making a birdhouse out of wood with some nails. I am talking about taking apart a watch and using the gears and parts to make a sculpture of something else like this guy going by dkart71 did.

He takes old school watches with gears and other small parts that can be removed. He then uses those parts to build motorcycle models. This is really cool and if you look close, you can see the watch crystal, winging knob and stems, and lots more. The only thing I wonder about being an actual watch part is the exhaust.

It looks like the case from an old pocket watch is the rear wheel. And the forks are made from a gold watchband. I love the creativity and vision this sculpture required!

[via deviantART]

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