Geek is camping out already for iPhone 5 in London as a marketing stunt

Geeks camping out to be the first in line for new Apple gear is nothing new. They have been doing the campout to be first thing since back when the first iPhone launched. One dude named Rob Shoesmith in Britain has already started camping out to get his hands on a new iPhone 5. The campout isn't out of purely geek motives though. Apparently, the man is a geeky writer and is using the camp out to snag free swag and promote his blog.

It's working too, the dude has grabbed about £40,000 worth of goods so far. His biggest freebie was a £20,000 Chevy car. He has also been given free outdoor gear, food, and apparently a giant red fire bucket. If you want to walk by and heckle Shoesmith, he is camped outside the flagship store in London at Coventry Garden.

Shoesmith left his job as a binman (which is a trash collector for those in the US) and now works as a marketing exec for Medl Mobile. Our own Chris Davies lives in London in a flat not much larger than this guys tent. The difference is Chris has indoor plumbing and doesn't have to blog from a tent unless he is pretending to camp in the living room.