Geek does DIY integration for iPad in 2011 Mustang GT

I own a 2010 Mustang GT, which is the same on the inside as the 2011 Mustang that this geek has hacked for a custom iPad install. The problem with these cars is that there is only one after market option for installing a radio in the car other than the factory set up right now and that option isn't very good looking. This fact and the desire to get an iPad in his ride has led one geek to some DIY modding.

The dude removed the center panel from the dash and made a custom mount for the iPad and the vehicle info display right below the iPad. The center console was where the controls for the AC system and the radio normally sit, which are very important.

The dude took those controllers along with the factory faceplate for the center console and moved them to the roof. The finished product is pretty slick, even if you will have to look at the roof to adjust the radio or ventilation system. That missing section in the faceplate above the lit buttons for the car systems is where the LCD screen now under the iPad normally sits.