Geek creates rig that lets him view himself in 3rd person

This is really weird, but it's cool at the same time. A dude going by the handle BigRedRocket on Instructables has posted up a how to, some photos, and a video on a new camera rig that he cobbled together from a backpack, a hunting vest, and some small diameter PVC pipe.

The point of the rig is to allow the dude to view himself in third person and give anyone who might see him a good laugh. I think if you wore this in a military city, someone would call the bomb squad on you. The dude made a frame from PVC to hold a small digital camera that shoots the video out to some sort of goggles for the wearer to view.

The video is from behind and slightly over the wearer. The dude says any camera with live video out will work. I'm not sure why you would want to view yourself in third person, but with this rig, you could answer that burning "do I look fat in this outfit" question for yourself.