Geek creates real side scrolling Mario game [video]

Shane McGlaun - Sep 12, 2011, 9:15am CDT
Geek creates real side scrolling Mario game [video]

This is so cool. A dude going by akumpf has posted up the instructions on making a physical Mario game that has the side scrolling action we are used to in Mario with a twist. It sort of reminds me of a combination of Mario Bros. and Frogger. The game uses a cardboard box, paper, servos, and some magnets along with Teagueduino to control the works.

Once built the little paper Mario is controlled by a straw that sticks out the front of the box. It appears that the box opens automatically and you get to scroll along dodging the Goombas and other things you don’t want to run into with your Mario character. The scrolling gets faster the longer you make it.

If your Mario crosses one of the obstacles in the paper game, you die, and the game resets. The resetting also appears to shut the box lid automatically. You can see the play action in the video below. If you want to make your own version the full parts list, instructions, and software are offered on Teagueduino.

[via Neatorama]

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