Geek Creates Edge Of Tomorrow Exosuit From Household Items

The awesome exosuit you see here looks like a prop from the set of the Tom Cruise film Edge of Tomorrow. It's not though; it's a creation from a guy named Peter Kokis. The man's day job is security for a big company, but by night, he creates cosplay items and does an incredible job of it. This suit got its start when Kokis saw the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow and watched it "thirty times."

He says that as soon as that trailer landed he began ordering items to build his own exosuit. The entire suit is made using common household items that are sourced from a myriad of places. Kokis says that at first he built his cosplay costumes from household items as a convenience because he had those items around.

However, now it's a challenge to build his cosplay projects out of household items. He used items from hardware stores, pet shops, drugstores, sporting goods stores. Items used in the build were originally found in kitchens or bathrooms and in the junk drawer.

He doesn't get specific on what items were used in the build and honestly, the items are so transformed that at a glance they are unidentifiable. The finished Edge of Tomorrow Exoskeleton weighs 145 pounds and looks incredible.