Geek Combines Love Of Beer And PC Gaming In One Sweet Casemod

I have seen some really cool casemods over the years. I am partial to the ones that have lots of attention to detail. A geek has taken two of his loves and combined them in an epic mash up of beer and PC gaming. The details on the computer he put inside this keg are scant, but really who cares what the hardware is.

The dude took an old, beat up Anheuser-Busch keg and cut some windows into the thing. He then cut the bottom off so he could slip those PC components inside and powered coated the whole thing black. After the powder coating was done some chrome trim went on to finish the bling.

Inside the keg PC the dude added some blue lights. It won't hold beer any more naturally, but it has a bottle opener on the side to open your favorite bottled beverage.