Geek clock proves you’re too dumb to tell time

Shane McGlaun - Jan 22, 2010
Geek clock proves you’re too dumb to tell time

I can remember when my son was trying to learn to tell time. The first time he stared at a clock I bet he felt like I do right now looking at this Geek Clock. I have come to the realization that I am too dumb to tell time, at least on this thing. Thank all that is geeky and good my iPhone has a digital clock and I have a sundial in the garden out back.

This clock replaces the standard numbers that we all know and love with equations, which work out to the same old numbers. Go ahead and admit it, you are having to count the big marks to tell what time the clock shows right now aren’t you?

Good news is that the clock comes with a cheat sheet that explains what all of the formulas and other factors on the clock mean. Hang this in your room or office and at least you can pretend you really know what all those symbols mean. The clock sells for $25 and is available now.

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