Update: Geek builds homemade cathode ray tube

When I was a kid, all we had were the fat TVs that were stuffed with cathode ray tubes. I can recall my grandmother having a really old TV that you had to turn on and wait until the cathode tubes heated up before you could get the grainy black and white image. With TVs going flat there isn't much use left for the old cathode ray tube, other than some awesome geekery like Xellers over on Instructables got up to.

This dude didn't just find an old TV and rip a cathode ray tube out, he made his own. He used an old wine bottle and some other parts in the build and offered you the instructions needed to make your own. I wouldn't call this an easy project by any means, but the process claims to need no specialized tools in the build.

I'm not sure what you can do with the finished cathode ray tube when you are done other than look at it. Grab all the steps to make your own along with a parts list on Instructables. The parts that can be purchased at a Home Depot and an AC supply store. Check out the finished results below.

Update: A dude named Kyle Mcallister has contacted us to say that the builder of the homemade CRT in this post, Xellers, actually used his designs. According to Mcallister, Xellers actually requested Mcallister's help in replicating his work and the project here is an exact copy down to the bottle and fittings used. Mcallister links us to YouTube videos where Xellers asked how to replicate the project and points out the dates of the videos. Mcallister's original video is here and the Xellers video is here.

[via Instructables]