Geek builds Bluetooth Smart Ring with OLED display

An enterprising geek has set about building a custom smart wearable device in the form of a fat ring that has Bluetooth tech inside. The Bluetooth Smart Ring also features a 64x32 monochrome OLED display and a touch button that allows the wearer to receive and reply to notifications from a smartphone using the ring.

The ring can also be used to display animations on the little OLED screen and has an internal battery that is good for four hours of use per charge. That battery will also last 24 hours on standby. Inside the ring is a NFR51882 chip set and it also features an ARM-M0 embedded processor that runs at 16MHz.

Internal storage is 256k with 16k of RAM, which doesn't sound like much when you figure that the Bluetooth communications stack takes up a good bit of that RAM. The designer says even with Bluetooth eating into the 16k of RAM the ring still has more memory than your average Arduino.

The ring is programmed via mbed developer software allowing programming from any tablet of PC to be sent to the ring via USB. The ring body was made using a 3D printer. Check the video to see more details on the ring and its build.

SOURCE: Arduboy