GeChic On-Lap 1302 gives you a bigger screen on the go

Shane McGlaun - Mar 19, 2012
GeChic On-Lap 1302 gives you a bigger screen on the go

The new GeChic On-Lap 1302 does something for smartphones that I can’t say I have ever wanted – adds a larger second screen. The thing I like about my smartphone is that it is small and portable. I’m willing to give up a large screen for that small and portable nature, but if you’re not this may be the screen for you. This external display is specifically designed for on the go use and measures 13.3-inches.

The screen resolution is 1366 x 768 making it roughly the size of the display you get on many ultraportable computers. The screen will work on devices other than smartphones as well depending on the adapter you choose. If you have the Apple Digital AV Adapter, the screen will work for the iPhone and for Android devices, you need a MHL to HDMI solution.

Having to use cables and adapters doesn’t sound like the best solution for a portable external display to me. The screen will sell next month for $199 via online sites such as Newegg. Does this screen sound like a good idea to you? Check out the video below to see the screen in action.

[via IntoMobile]

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