Gears Of War 4's Biggest DLC Includes New Maps, Horde Update, And More

The Xbox One flagship title Gears of War 4 has seen a number of new multiplayer maps and other content since its release last October, but Microsoft and developer The Coalition have announced a new Rise of the Horde update that's said to be the game's biggest yet. Releasing on June 6th, Rise of the Horde will include new difficulties, maps, Achievements, and huge overhaul to the self-titled Horde mode. The best part? It's all completely free for those who own GoW4.

Starting off with Horde mode, where players face off against wave after wave of AI-controlled enemies, the update will add 15 new skills three for each class), an increase of the level cap to level 6, and new reward drops from bosses. Both the Campaign and Horde mode will also see two new difficulty levels to tackle, Inconceivable and Ironman, with latter giving players only one life.

Other additions include two new multiplayer maps: GoW2's Avalanche and Rust Lung from GoW3. As for Achievements, there will be 20 new one to chase after, adding up to a total of 500 Gamerscore points.

Lastly Microsoft is rolling out a new limited-time free trial for gamers who've yet to try GoW4. The trial version will be available on both Xbox One and PC from June 9th to the 15th, and will offer 10 hours of playtime across the first campaign act and the full Horde and multiplayer modes. Any progress and rewards the players earn will carry over if players decide to upgrade to the full game.

SOURCE Xbox Wire