Gearbox confirms new Borderlands game is being planned

(Not a working logo, just a mockup done by Gearbox artist Sergi Brosa)

The Borderlands series is one of my favorite franchises to come out in the last decade. From the great dialogue to the joys of shooting things in exchange for loot, there were a lot of things that really hit home for me with the games. Over the weekend Gearbox confirmed that they are working on another game in the series, though they're not quite sure what to call it yet.

The last time we saw a proper Borderlands game (not counting the Telltale game, which is a whole different story) was back in 2014, when The Pre-Sequel was released. With the success of the first three games, it's been pretty easy to assume that Gearbox would keep moving forward with the franchise. At PAX, Randy Pitchford confirmed that they are already planning for the next game, once they're finished with Battleborn.

He went on to say that he's not sure if they'll end up calling in Borderlands 3 or not. "We could call it Borderlands 4 for all we know". Because, you know, the series is like that" he said. Honestly, I'm hoping that they go with 4, because he's right, that's definitely in the spirit of the games.

Until they start on the next game, the company is pretty focused on Battleborn. While there are already some Borderlands Easter eggs in the game, Pitchford hinted that future DLC could include Easter eggs for the upcoming Borderlands game, which won't even exist when the DLC ships. Because once again, that's just how the series is.

VIA: GamesRadar