Gearboard concept holds all your gaming controllers

I have several gaming consoles in my home and that means that I have lots of controllers lying around as well. My son usually ends up leaving the things wherever he happens to be when he is done playing. I once found a Wii remote in the bathroom and was afraid to ask why it was there. I think all gamers have probably wished for a better way to store their controllers at some point.

A new design concept called the Gearboard has turned up on Yanko Design and the thing is very cool. It reminds me a lot of those mazes on some playground sets that have pegs you have to move around slots in a board. The slots in the Gearboard can be filled with various types of hooks and hoops to hold controllers.

You can adjust the holders to fit however many controllers you need to mount and it works with many types of controllers as well. The only downside I see here is that many folks won't want controllers hanging on the wall for all to see they want them hidden out of sight. This might work in a game room or kid's room though.