Gear VR sold out at Samsung UPDATE: and AT&T

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There's a number of reasons why you might want to stay away from this first release of the Samsung Gear VR, but according to Samsung's sales website, there might be a few more reasons to buy. The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition – the first and only version to have been released so far – is currently "out of stock" at Samsung's website. AT&T's stock appears to still be running strong*, but we do not know how low their stock is – if it's low at all.*This afternoon somewhere around 2:30 PM CST, AT&T also posted their "Out of Stock" banner for the Gear VR. Now we twiddle our thumbs and wait for the rest of the carriers – none of which have posted stock at this time.

Before you go jumping in on the AT&T or Samsung-sold version of the device, you'll want to take a peek at Samsung's User Guide PDF. It's here that you'll get the following warnings about use. Perhaps most important is the fact that Samsung recommends you DO NOT allow a child under the age of 13 to use Gear VR at all.

If you do purchase this device, you'll want also to take note that there's a "default color setting". You can adjust the brightness of your Note 4 screen in this headset, but there's a "Comfort Mode" button as well – this restores "default color setting."

Samsung has this Comfort Mode to remind you that you shouldn't blast your eyes out with the Note 4's extraordinary brightness potential.

Would you like to know more? SlashGear will be taking a closer look at the instructions for this device throughout the week, and with the Gear VR sold out through Samsung, we might well be joined by masses of creators soon enough!