Gear Tie reusable rubber tie thingies are good for all sorts of uses

Geeks tend to suffer from the need to keep up with all manner of cables and cords. The problem is that keeping those cords nice and neat can be an issue and if you don't keep them neat you end up having to unwind a birds nest of cords to get to the one you need.

A new and very simple little product called Gear Tie has surfaced that is sort of like those plastic wire ties most of use tend to use to manage cords, but the Gear Tie is easier to use. The problem with a wire tie is that they are easy to put on, but when you want to remove them, you have to cut.

The Gear Tie is a rubber twist tie that works like the ones we all know from trash bags. You thread the tie around whatever it is you need to wrap up and give it a twist. To remove it you just untwist it and the tie can be reused. There are a bunch of Gear Tie sizes including 3", 6", 18", 24", and 32" for just about any need. The price ranges from $4.99 for four 3" ties up to $6.99 for a pair of 32" Gear Ties. You can order yours right now.