Gear S2, S3 gets its own GameBoy emulator

Why should Android Wear get all the emulation fun? Maybe because it is much older and, being Android, already has a number of emulators available. That, however, hasn't stopped an rather ardent developer and possibly huge GameBoy fan from doing something similar for Tizen. Yes, that Linux-based operating system running on Samsung's Smart TVs and smartwatches. Yes, you can now play GameBoy and GameBoy Color titles on your Gear S2 or Gear S3, if you're up for the challenge.

Step one after installing the Tizen app is getting (legally acquired) ROMs on the smartwatch. It isn't as straightforward as you might think. You need to send the file from your phone to your smartwatch. Once done, you have to navigate to the file from the emulator.

Step two starts once the game is loaded, and that involves controlling the game already. If you expected the game to take up all the screen real estate, you'd be disappointed. But, then again, you wouldn't want your game to be arbitrarily cut off at certain parts, right?

The empty space left around the square game screen is, instead, used for the D-pad. You didn't really think you'd drive the thing by twisting the bezel, right? That might work for some games, but not GameBoy, which makes full use of four directions, A and B buttons, and Start and Select buttons.

So, yes, you can now play GameBoy titles on your Samsung smartwatch, but should you? Aside from questions of legality, it might not be the best gaming experience as well. But, hey, if you have time to kill, a spare hand, and no opportunity to whip out your smartphone, a quick Pokemon battle wouldn't be bad.

VIA: Tizen Experts