gDial Pro Google Voice app hits Palm Pre, plus 9 other titles

We'll never argue with more apps showing up for the Palm Pre – after all, they just pave the way for a software download frenzy on the Palm Pixi when that arrives later in 2009 – so we're glad to hear of another two webOS titles fresh to the Palm Beta App Catalog.  First up is gDial Pro, an app which can be used to access and manage your Google Voice account; second comes iLike Concerts, a tool which looks out for your preferred artists and flags up nearby performances.

Interestingly, contrasting with Apple's disappointing attitude toward Google Voice – they rejected a client for the iPhone – Palm are comparing the unified number service to their own Synergy sync system.  With gDial Pro you can manage voice calls and SMS, choose which numbers Google Voice redirects to, and there's even a dialler to make calls from the Pre itself.

These are just two out of a total of ten new titles that have been added, including three games, a Forbes news app, a currency converter, an ebook bible and a wallpaper app.  There's also AccuRadio, which offers streaming audio on the Pre in the US and Canada; it seems these past few weeks really have been good for mobile music clients.