GDC 2013 award winners announced, Journey takes the cake

Craig Lloyd - Mar 28, 2013
GDC 2013 award winners announced, Journey takes the cake

The 2013 Game Developers Conference has been going on all week long, and the Game Developers Choice Awards ceremony was held last night. Out of the 11 total awards that were given out, Journey took home six of them. The indie video game was released just over a year ago as a PS3 exclusive, and it’s been all the rage as of late.

Journey took home the crown jewel of awards during the conference: the Game of the Year award, as well as winning Best Audio, Best Game Design, Best Visual Arts, Best Downloadable Game, and the Innovation Award. As for the first-ever Audience Choice Award, that honor went to Dishonored, a 2012 stealth action-adventure game from Arkane Studios and Bethesda.

Other notable wins include the Best Narrative, which went to Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and the Best Debut went to the Kickstarter-funded FTL: Faster Than Light. Best Technology went to Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, and the Best Handheld/Mobile Game went to The Room, which is an iOS game that released back in September.

This year’s GDC Awards ceremony was quite interesting, and they highlighted some great games that probably wouldn’t have made it to the mainstream. The awards ceremony certainly outperforms Spike TV’s attempt at a video game awards show, with their Video Game Awards that take place every year that doesn’t quite live up to gamers’ expectations.

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