GCT Semiconductor unveils GDM7225 WiMax 2 chip 4x faster than other chips

I would imagine most of us aren't familiar with GCT Semiconductor. The company makes different chips that are found inside the mobile devices we are familiar with. These are the chips that give smartphones and tablets the cool features we all know and love. These chips are very important to the performance and battery life of devices like smartphones.

We all want faster data speed when we are on the go so improvements in performance on the chips are welcome. GCT has a new WiMax 2 chip for mobile devices called the GDM7225. This chip is highly integrated and puts the WiMax 2 RF, MAC, and PHY in a single chip. The chip also has 4x4 MIMO system onboard for high-speed communications that are four to five times faster than existing WiMax technology.

GCT is working with UQ Communications in Japan to enhance its WiMax network to support WiMax 2 speeds. The new chip allows for data speeds of up to 150Mbps download and up to 50Mbps upload. The chip supports multiple carriers at up to 20MHz bandwidth.