Gboard gets GIF, sticker, and emoji suggestions on Android

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 12, 2018, 4:35pm CST
Gboard gets GIF, sticker, and emoji suggestions on Android

Google has updated its Gboard mobile keyboard with a new feature: GIF suggestions. These looped video and animation clips have become a popular way to communicate a thought or emotion digitally, but finding the right GIF can be tricky. Google’s artificial intelligence technology will help solve that problem by offering relevant options for any conversation.

Gboard allows users to share GIFs, stickers, and emojis. As of today, Android users in particular will get relevant suggestions for all three content types, all of them thanks to Google’s AI and its ability to intelligently pick options based on the conversation.

According to Google, Gboard users will see a “GIF” icon appear in the upper left corner of the mobile keyboard when a relevant option is available. By tapping that, users will see various GIFs, stickers, and emoji that Google’s tech thinks is related to the current topic.

Someone who receives the message “Good morning,” for example, may see a GIF suggestion related to mornings, such as a greeting or pictures of breakfast food. Google provides other examples, such as a suggested “sleepy” emoji when the user types the phrase, “I’m tired.”

The app processes these suggestions on the user’s device, which Google says is a way to help make sure the recommended content is kept private. Only the English language is supported by the new functionality for now, but Google will add more languages in the future. As well, the company indicates that it may one day add other content suggestion formats.

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