Gboard adds Morse code keyboard on iOS, offers training game

Google has brought Morse code to its Gboard for iOS mobile keyboard, enabling iPhone users to access a vital communication tool. Google previously introduced the support on Gboard for Android, doing so in partnership with Tania Finlayson, developer and Morse code expert. The Android version of the tool supports external witches to help users with limited mobility.

Morse code is a common communication system that uses dots and dashes, enabling individuals to rapidly convey information both visually and audibly. The system is used by many non-verbal individuals to communicate, including Finlayson, who was introduced as a child to a Morse code communicator created by Al Ross, opening the door for a greater level of communication with others.

Fast-forward and Finlayson has partnered with Google to help bring Morse code to the company's mobile keyboard. Google first announced this partnership earlier this year when it introduced Morse code on its Android product. Finlayson helped Google's team design the keyboard layout and more.

Using the Morse code keyboard, Gboard users can input text using the dot and dash buttons instead of the regular QWERTY keys. Though it doesn't appear to be supported on the iOS version, which now offers the Morse code keyboard, the Android version can accommodate external switches to trigger the two keys.

In addition, Google has launched its own free game to train anyone in communicating with Morse code. The game is listed as a Chrome Experiment and can be used on a mobile device or browser, simply presenting letters and the right dot and dash combinations to create them. Google has more information, as well as code, on the experiment here.

SOURCE: Google Blog