GazeBox protects your car without hiding it

People who love their cars want to protect them from the elements and sometimes a garage or carport won't cut it or isn't available. For the folks who want to protect their ride, but also want to be able to see their car at all times the GazeBox is the ticket. This is an according style car cover that completely encloses the car.

It's made from tinted transparent windows in a metal frame. The device isn't airtight, there are gaps between the panels for air circulation, which overlap to keep the water from getting on your ride. The clear panels are polycarbonate so they won't shatter if a vandal throws a rock at your car. Check out the video below to see the GazeBox in action.

There are various sizes available allowing the GazeBox to fit cars between 18.5-feet to 23.3-feet in length. If you really want to call attention to your fancy parking system, you can opt to have color changing LED lights installed that you can control from in the house allowing your car to enjoy a rave while you are safely inside your home. The side panels can also be chosen in faux materials like carbon fiber or stone effects.