Gateway ID49, ID59, and ID79 land in Canada

Shane McGlaun - Aug 2, 2010
Gateway ID49, ID59, and ID79 land in Canada

If you are a Canadian notebook fan and liked the Gateway ID series of notebook that the US got back in June you can now get them in Canada. Gateway announced late last week that the notebooks were now for sale to Canucks.

The new ID series that has landed in Canada includes the Gateway ID49, a 14-inch HD resolution Ultrabright LED backlit notebook weighing in at 5.07 pounds. The Gateway ID59 is a 15.6-inch HD Ultrabright LED backlit machine that weighs 5.5 pounds.

The final machine is the Gateway ID79 with a 17.3-inch screen and weighing 7.17 pounds. The 49 and 59 machines are only an inch thick while the larger 79 is 1.5-inches thick. Some of the machines feature NVIDIA Optimus technology and more. Pricing is CAD $609.99 to CAD $1049.99 for the notebooks.

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