Gateway CEO retiring early next year

Just when I thought all the news of these tech industry CEO's being fired, or just quitting was through, here comes another from Gateway, the computer manufacturer. Mr. Ed Coleman's decision was largely due to Acer, another computer manufacturer, buying out Gateway as of October.

Before Gateway was purchased, it had its own line of PCs, a more generic brand of PCs under the brand of eMachines, and they had just gotten effective control over Packard Bell, so now Acer owns all of that too. That's quite a prolific career Mr. Coleman, best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Now on to future business, back in my middle school days, Acer made some of the worst computers I had ever seen, but these days they are manufacturing not only some truly impressive performing PC's, but they aren't ugly as sin like most budget brand computers are. So, as long as they keep that trend up, and continue letting Gateway as a company do its thing, its looking like the former budget brands could start pushing their way ahead and making themselves into bigger competitors for Sony, HP, and Toshiba.

Gateway CEO to resign in early 2008 [via electronista]