Gary Busey lends voice and more than a bit of strange to Navtones

I remember back before Gary Busey was a certified weird-o. The dude made some cool flicks and then he went on a plastic surgery binge and looks more like a wax figure than his old self today. If you are a fan of strange or still just really like Busey you can put his voice on you TomTom or Garmin GPS.

Navtones now has a new Busey voice to go along with the Hasselhoff, Mr. T, and Flavor Flav offerings it already has. The voice will give drivers turn-by-turn directions while spouting oddities that Gary is famous for.

Quips like "do not pet the lions or the gorillas," or "be in the silence and let the journey be in the noise" will be offered up among others. I particularly like "don't look in to the rear-view mirror to clean your teeth, or you could rear end a log truck in Oregon and remove your teeth forever." The voice pack has 60 different clips and you can grab it now for $6.95.