Garmin’s new vivosmart keeps you on track and in shape

Nate Swanner - Sep 4, 2014, 6:00am CDT
Garmin’s new vivosmart keeps you on track and in shape

When it comes to wearable technology, the segment is a crowded one. At every turn, it seems another new wrist-strap is in play. With Garmin’s new vivosmart, you’ll find a lot of similar attributes to other bands of its kind. Where vivosmart separates itself is its ability to be smart, stylish, and subdued — all in the same package.

The vivosmart is the latest of Garmin’s wearable ambitions, and can be considered the linear successor to the Vivofit. Vivosmart, however, has grown a lot smarter, at least aesthetically speaking. A black exterior band gives way to a colorful underbelly, if you so choose. An OLED screen also hides away neatly, only coming to life when it needs to, or you ask it to via a quick tap.


Vivosmart’s screen stays dark most times, leaving the band looking like little more than rubbery wrist-wear. If you get an email, or have something like a calendar appointment you’ve set a reminder for, Vivosmart comes to life. The OLED screen lights right up, so you know what’s going on in life. You can even control music playback on your phone from the Vivosmart, or ask it to have your phone to ring or vibrate when you can’t find it.

Much like the Vivofit before it, the vivosmart wants to keep you healthy and active. The wearable pairs to Garmin’s Connect app, which is available on all major mobile platforms. Not only will Vivosmart track you movements, it can also motivate you to move. Should you ask it to, vivosmart will remind you to get up and move around via a quick shake. You can even use the vibrating wristband as an alarm.

The vivosmart is available for preorder exclusively on Best Buy’s website, and will be available both online and in-store toward the middle of this month. Vivosmart will run you $169.99, or $199.99 if you pair it with a heart monitor. Broader availability — that is, beyond Best Buy — will come in November.

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