Garmin unveils new Oregon 450t and 450 outdoor GPS units

Shane McGlaun - Dec 29, 2009
Garmin unveils new Oregon 450t and 450 outdoor GPS units

There are lots of different GPS devices that are aimed at different uses. In the car, we have GPS devices that help us drive from one place to another around town or across the country. Outdoors active types can get GPS devices that help them find their way in the wild outdoors.

Garmin has announced a couple new GPS devices for outdoors types called the Oregon 450t and the Oregon 450. The devices have glove friendly touch interfaces that measure 3-inches across. The screens are designed to be read in all conditions and the units are user customizable. The difference in the two units is in the coverage detail of the maps. The 450t includes topographic maps with major trials, urban and rural roads as well as lakes, rivers, and more.

The GPS devices provide users with geocaching, compass, stopwatch, and elevation functions. The GPS units also support waypoints and routes. Users can also customize the maps used on the GPS units with details, labels, and landmarks from existing paper or electronic maps. Both GPS units get power from a pair of AA batteries good for up to 16 hours of use. Pricing and availability are unknown.

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