Garmin unveils GPS solutions for air and auto

Garmin is a big name in the GPS market and it produces devices for most categories including land, sea, and air oriented devices. The latest GPS offering from Garmin is the new aera line that can go from the car to the air without missing a beat.

The new line includes the aera 500, 510, 550, and 560 devices. All of the devices share the same form factor including a 4.3-inch screen that is touch sensitive and sunlight readable. The difference in each of the models is in the software that they run. All feature full turn-by-turn GPS navigation in cars.

All of the models have a 5GHz update for almost real-time GPS page updates. The aviation page the devices use offers terrain and obstacle data along with private airport data. The 550 and 560 add other features like XM radio capability and faster terrain and obstacle refresh. The XM capability of the 510 and 560 require an optional DC adapter with a built-in antenna.