Garmin Speak Plus refresh combines Alexa-powered GPS with a dash cam

Back in October, Garmin revealed its first Alexa-powered device, known as the Garmin Speak. At CES 2018, we're seeing Garmin introduce a refresh called the Speak Plus, and though it might seem a little soon to be announcing a new device in the line, there's good reason for it. While the Speak Plus will do everything the original Speak is capable of, there's one important addition with this iteration: Speak Plus will also serve as a dash cam.

The presence of that functionality gives the Speak Plus some new capabilities that should prove useful in the universal quest to stay safe on the road. Garmin says that the Speak Plus will provide forward collision warnings, letting you know when you're too close to the car ahead of you. Just as well, it'll let you know when you're beginning to drift into the other lane, allowing you to correct the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

If you the type who gets distracted at stop lights, the Speak Plus can even help you there, letting you know when stopped traffic begins moving again. Of course, the Speak Plus doesn't only use its camera to provide safety alerts as you drive. It'll also record and save clips when it detects an accident, potentially preventing the tricky situation of arguing who is at fault.

Beyond the addition of the dash cam, the Speak Plus functions in the same way as the original Speak. It's still mounted on your windshield and will still offer GPS navigation using its OLED display. With Alexa voice commands, you can begin listening to music or prepare your home automation systems for your arrival in hands-free fashion.

As you'd expect, the Speak Plus connects to your car through the Speak app, which supports both Bluetooth or AUX connections to your car's audio systems. This, by extension, is what enables Alexa support while also allowing you to carry out the basic functions of your phone like accepting and ending calls. Garmin is showing off the Speak Plus at CES 2018 this week, with a launch date scheduled for sometime in mid-February. The Speak Plus will arrive with a retail price of $229.99, though if you pre-order between today and February 10, you can snag one for $199.99.