Garmin smartwatches get pregnancy tracking feature in Connect app

Garmin has announced a new Connect feature for pregnancy tracking, allowing expectant mothers to keep tabs on their heart rate, blood sugar levels, and even baby movements. The feature is available with certain compatible Garmin smartwatches, and likewise includes the ability to 'pause' training status to avoid a drop caused by the normal changes involved with pregnancy.

Pregnancy comes with a number of physical changes that are often tracked. A number of apps are available for manually tracking these changes, but they lack the benefits of a smartwatch, which includes things like heart rate tracking. The benefits of integrating pregnancy tracking into an existing smartwatch platform is that users don't need to use third-party devices to track certain health metrics.

The new Garmin Connect pregnancy tracking feature includes the usual health metrics, such as sleep data, plus there's the option to manually add details about other things related to pregnancy, such as baby movements, blood sugar levels, and more.

Users likewise get reminders that are useful during pregnancy, such as performing Kegels, and access to educational material like weight gain recommendations, as well as diet and exercise content tailored for pregnancy. The feature is rounded out by 'pregnancy-specific symptom tracking,' according to Garmin.

By tracking this information, users can see their changes throughout the pregnancy based on week, month, and trimester. Users will see their baby's current size with a simple frame of reference — fruits and vegetables — and as mentioned, users can also pause their training status to avoid having it influenced by pregnancy-related metric changes.

Assuming you have a compatible Garmin smartwatch, you can access the pregnancy-tracking feature under the Women's Health -> Cycle Type -> Pregnancy menu.