Garmin shows off Edge 500 GPS for cyclists

I have never ridden so far or so long on a bicycle that I needed a GPS. I barely need a GPS in my car most of the time. If you are an avid bicyclist that wants to keep track of how far and how fast you ride (among other things) Garmin has a new cycling GPS called the Edge 500.

The device is very small at about two ounces and is designed to attach to the handlebars of a bike. Inside the small Edge 500 case is a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that needs no calibration. The GPS device also interfaces with ANT+ compatible third-party power meters.

The GPS device tracks the riders speed, distance, time, GPS position, elevation, calories burned, climb, and decent. The climb and decent functions utilize an internal barometric altimeter. The Edge 500 is also compatible with Garmin's line of wireless speed/cadence sensors. Battery life is rated at 18 hours. The Edge 500 sells for $249.99 and when bundled with a heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor it sells for $349.99.