Garmin nuvi 2565RT PND records your route with camera add-on [Video]

Garmin has released its latest PND, and the nuvi 2565RT promises not only to tell you where to go but watch you as you drive there. The 5-inch unit has a user-positionable GDR-10 camera that records 720p HD video to microSD, and which can be clipped onto the windshield mount so as to create a geotagged log.

Footage can be reviewed instantly on the PND itself, or copied over to a computer for archiving. As well as GPS position there's speed and direction data, which could be handy if you're in an accident. Garmin has also packed in its usual feature set, so you get text-to-speech, Bluetooth use as a handsfree kit, speed camera warnings, optional real-time traffic updates, various preloaded POIs and space for up to 100 saved routes and 1,000 user POIs.

Right now the Garmin nuvi 2565RT is only available in Taiwan, but the plan is to roll it out in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. If it's a sales success there, it'll get a US and European release. No word on pricing at this stage.