Garmin Lily smartwatch leak suggests a female target market

Smartwatches are a dime a dozen these days but, despite being targeted at the general population, some would point out how they seem to be designed more for males or at least those with larger wrists. Even those that are explicitly marketed to be for women still share the same watch and strap sizes as other models. That may be the issue that Garmin will be addressing with a new Lily smartwatch that is seemingly designed for those who prefer smaller, more discreet wearables.

There are actually quite a few smartwatches targeted at women but few can boast of coming in a comparatively petite size. According to WinFuture's leak, the Garmin Lily will have a body of 34mm and a proprietary strap that's only 14mm wide. In comparison, even the smallest smartwatches are 38mm big, with most sporting 40mm or 44mm bodies.

Aside from that, however, there might not be much else that will set the Garmin Lily aside from the rest of the smartwatch market. It will have your basics, like sensors for measuring heart rate, and activity tracking. It will have a pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen saturation but it will depend on a smartphone for GPS.

Curiously, the leak also claims that the LCD screen only displays white over a colored background. That may also explain why the smartwatch will reportedly boast five days of battery life. The company best-known for its navigation systems also uses its own smartwatch platform, providing only the basic functionality without the extras of, say, Wear OS by Google.

The Garmin Lily could be close to debut and it will have a 199 EUR price tag. There will be two versions, a Classic and a Sport, but the site theorizes the only real difference will be the material used for the housing.