Garmin completes purchase of Navigon

Back in June, we caught wind that Garmin was looking to gobble up Navigon. Navigon is a company that is big in Europe and will also help Garmin make inroads into the OEM navigation space for vehicles. Navigon is also known for its navigation apps for the iPhone and Android smartphone as well. The particulars of the deal are still unknown.

Garmin is also happy to be getting its hands on the Navigon iPhone app. Garmin made note in its announcement that the purchase was landing it one of the top-selling navigation apps on the iPhone and Android devices. It would be safe to assume that a big driver for the purchase was the navigation apps that Navigon offers.

Lots of people are going to navigation on their smartphones rather than using the traditional navigation device. The cost of the deal is unknown. Navigon expects to have a new line of wares on the market in time for the holiday season.

[via CNET]