Garmin Astro 320 dog Tracker breaks cover

If you are a hunter or just someone that really wants to be sure their beloved dog is safe and you know where pooch is will like this new Garmin device. The system is called the Astro 320 Dog Tracker and it does just what the name implies. It will track your dog and show you the path the dog takes on its meanderings.

The system is aimed at hunters that need to keep up with a hunting dog that roams far ahead of the group looking for prey. The maximum range of the Astro 320 has been increased almost 30% compared to older models allowing the owner to track their dog up to nine miles away on flat ground. The system can track up to ten dogs at one time per receiver and is compatible with the Garmin DC 20, 30, and 40 tracking collars and accessories.

The Astro 320 handheld has a full color screen that can be read in direct sunlight. It can also be loaded with 100k or 24k Topo maps and photo realistic BirdsEye Satellite imagery for another $30. The device has a lot of maps pre-loaded and has a microSD card slot for cards with maps on them. The Astro 320 is not cheap at $499.99 and a system with one collar and the Astro 320 is $649.99. The device will launch in July.